Elevated Envelope

This month I'm taking part in the Elevated Envelope!  It's a group of people who sign up to send each other 'artistic snailmail' and tonight I started work on mine (nothing like leaving it until the last-ish minute).

The theme for this round is 'Malicious Surprise'; interpret as you will.  I've decided to loosely base my 5 envelopes on a Halloween theme.  Cutting my latest issue of Vogue into pieces, I created a base collage  for each envelope in Halloween-y colours - red, black, orange, purple and....green.

I've yet to decide on the details, but I'm going to have a go at creating spooky images in solid contrasting colours (probably white/black).  Then the small matter of fitting the addresses and postage in somewhere!

Work in progress below:

My pen pals are in Visakhapatnam (India), Oklahoma, Bedford, Port Washington and Wyoming, so it's cool to think of my little artworks making their way across the globe.  I'm also really looking forward to receiving mail back!

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