I've recently followed in my mum and auntie's footsteps and have taken up scrapbooking as one of my many craft hobbies.

At the moment I'm just working on pages using monthly kits from Basic Grey, who's style and general aesthetic I really like.  As with cross stitch, a lot of the items available venture into naff and 'grannie' territory, so it's nice to come across companies such as Basic Grey who seem to cater for the people that don't want clowns, puppies and Bible verses to feature in their work...

Below are some photos from my work so far!

I'll have to take some more photos of my others pages and get them posted here soon.  I'm looking forward to having a lovely album full of my memories for 2012 :)


I'd seen this on the App Store a while ago but had been unsure it was worth the £6.99 price and also if I'd use it.  After a recommendation from Stephi, I decided to give Lettermpress a go.

I've only just started playing with it, and I love it!  When working digitally it's easy to just click, click, click, but with Lettermpress I find myself taking more time to think through what I'm doing.

There are loads of papers to choose from, and although there aren't a huge amount of fonts, there's definitely enough for a noob like me to keep me busy.  Most of the fonts are in keeping with the letterpress era and I'm a huge fan of the retro feel.

It just makes me want to try it for real though!  Does anyone know of any letterpress workshops in or around Glasgow?

Kitchen Makeover

Al and I were fed up with our existing kitchen units, so we decided to attempt to re-spray everything to get a whole new look while keeping costs down.

The units had a wipe-clean, plastic-y surface, so a primer coat or two was needed to ensure that the top coat stuck.  We're planning on painting the living room/kitchen white, so we chose grey as a nice contrast.

It was pretty easy to use the spray paints, getting an even coverage with two or three coats.

I don't know how well they will wear, but I think our kitchen looks a lot better!  What about you?