I'd seen this on the App Store a while ago but had been unsure it was worth the £6.99 price and also if I'd use it.  After a recommendation from Stephi, I decided to give Lettermpress a go.

I've only just started playing with it, and I love it!  When working digitally it's easy to just click, click, click, but with Lettermpress I find myself taking more time to think through what I'm doing.

There are loads of papers to choose from, and although there aren't a huge amount of fonts, there's definitely enough for a noob like me to keep me busy.  Most of the fonts are in keeping with the letterpress era and I'm a huge fan of the retro feel.

It just makes me want to try it for real though!  Does anyone know of any letterpress workshops in or around Glasgow?

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  1. As an update, I got the iPad version and I have to say I much prefer it! It 'feels' a lot better and I find it easier to manipulate the different components.